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Brahmrishi Mission School Jarar, P.O. Pipalage, Bhunatar, Distt. Kullu (H.P.)-175125 INDIA
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- Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra Ji Maharaj
The task of education is to purify all these centres of energy and develop the inherent potentialities. A sound and healthy system of education aims at the all-round  development of personality. BRAIIMRISHI MISSION SCHOOL seeks to achieve this ideal of education in establishing residential/day boarding school. 
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Brahmrishi Mission School Dev-Van, JARAR, P.O. Piplage, Distt. Kullu (H.P.) INDIA Pin Code: 175125 Tel: 01902-265518, 202151 Mobile: 94180-66943  
Chitta [ANANDMAYA KOSHA) is the medium through which the supreme soul manifests itself & it  determines the personality of human being ‘CHITTA’ has three qualities (Trigunatmak). The  activities   of an individual are actuated by some typical prominent qualities  i.e.  ‘GUNAS‘—‘SATOGUNA, RAJOGUNA and TAMOGUNA, all these are natural  and play an important 8|; necessary role in a well disciplined life. The aim  and object of education is to provide the knowledge and capability to  balance these three qualities. It should be so systematised that  ‘SATOGUNA (Knowledge) is developed fully and controls and  supervises the functioning of ‘RAJOGUNA (Action) and TAMOGUNA  (Evil). For that the ancient Rishis classified the education into four  parts, TRYAI ‘ (Triad of vedasl)‘ANVEEKSHKI‘ [Logic] ‘VARTA  (Science that deals with livelihood) and ‘DAND NITI‘ (Polity). The  object of Trayi Vidya‘ [Knowledge of vedas is to analyse the cause,  effect and aim of life & clarify what is ‘DHARMA (Right: what is  ‘ADHARMA (Wrong), what should be done and what should not be  done. As the great experience awakens us in the present, so the proper  knowledge of History and Epic is also included in ‘TRAYI’  Vidya.  The object of ‘ANVEEKSHKI’ [Logicl is to observe and examine every thing minutely. It has truely  been called the vision of all the sciences. ‘VARTA’  is a science which deals with all the materialistic  theories concerning all the ways and means of livelihood i.e. agriculture, protection of cows,  commerce, etc. ‘DAND NITI‘ (polity! means the science of politics which describes all the methods of  disciplining and organising the life of an individual. BRAHMRISHI MISSION SCHOOL offers  a  systematic education in science. the wisdom of our ancient Rishis and giving moral perspective to  achievements of science in the modern age. I wish a student of BRAHMRISHI  MISSION SCHOOL  should be able to earn his/her livelihood soon after completing the Plus Two education level. There  will be adequate arrangements for vocational education in handicrafts. type-writing, wood carving.  electrical, horticulture, agriculture and computers.  The syllabi will be the same as prescribed by the ‘Central Board of Secondary Education‘ and the  medium of instruction will be English. There will be arrangements for all material comforts as well as  for spiritual development on the lines of YOGIC  SYSTEM.   The idea of residential school is essentially Indian and has been recognised by the whole world. The  ancient Rishis have observed that man's personality could grow only in proper atmosphere. In the  very childhood at the age of five, after the initiation ceremony, the child was sent to ‘GURUKUL‘ (the  ancient residential school). The Rishis felt that a mother, out of attachment, was likely to effect the  growth of child‘s personality adversely. The parental love could gloss over and indulge the  weaknesses and failings of the child. But affection of parents is essential for growth of a child till the  age of five and after that the child could grow under the guidance of a wise teacher who would  bestow the affection of a mother, a father and also direct the growth of inherent divine potentialities  in a disciplined manner. The ‘Rishi Ashram". and ‘Gurukulas’ of ancient lndia were the nucleus of  education. I am sure that BRAHMRISHI MISSION SCHOOL, will be the citadel of an ideal education which  would integrate the achievements of an ancient spiritual culture with the discipline of modern  sciences. For years. l have cherished the vision of such a temple of learning and wished it to be  located in the ranges of Himalyas. Luckily with the grace of God we have been able to get enough  land in the heart of Himalayas. The land is situated in the village Jarar [Dev-van), just three  kilometres away from Bhuntar on the left bank of river Vipasha (Beas). Bhuntar town is famous for  its Airport for Kullu Valley. It is also well connected by road with all the places of lndia. 
Philosophy Brahmrishi Mission School
- Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra Ji Maharaj Founder Director, Brahmrishi Mission School,
The purpose of education  is to explore all what is  good in human personality  and annihilate all that is  bad. In human life there  are five centres of human  energy which are called  body, senses, mind,  intellect and soul. The task  of education is to purify all  these centres of energy  and develop the inherent  potentialities. A sound and  healthy system of  education aims at the all-  round development of  personality.