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Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi # Organised by: Vishva Shiksha Niketan Sansthan (Regd on All India Basis)
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Brahmrishi Mission School Jarar, P.O. Pipalage, Bhunatar, Distt. Kullu (H.P.)-175125 INDIA
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- Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra Ji Maharaj
The task of education is to purify all these centres of energy and develop the inherent potentialities. A sound and healthy system of education aims at the all-round  development of personality. BRAIIMRISHI MISSION SCHOOL seeks to achieve this ideal of education in establishing residential/day boarding school. 
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Brahmrishi Mission School Dev-Van, JARAR, P.O. Piplage, Distt. Kullu (H.P.) INDIA Pin Code: 175125 Tel: 01902-265518, 202151 Mobile: 94180-66943  
It is painful to see our younger generation being alienated from our culture & social life in the  process of being educated. Acquiring education has become a very costly venture and a  gradual   process of being denationalized. It breeds in the young, raw minds a false  sense of superiority and a hatred for the poor, illiterate mass of our  countrymen. They don’t have any sympathy or concern for their  bretheren who are not as privileged as they are. A sense of  alienation which takes root in them during the process of  education festers into a malignant growth which disintegrates our  national life. BRAHMRISHI MISSION SCHOOL aims at facing  this challenge. Man is neither soul nor body. He is born out of the union of  matter and soul. Matter is the medium through which the soul  manifests itself along with its many other qualities, good as well  as bad. The purpose of education is to explore all what is good in  human personality and annihilate all that is bad. In human life there are five centres of human energy which are  called ‘KOSHAS‘ in philosophical terminology, i.e. ANNAMAYA  KOSH, PRANMAYA KOSHA, MANOMAYA KOSHA, VIGYANMAYA  KOSHA   and ANANDMAYA KOSHA; which in other words can be called as body,  senses. mind, intellect and soul or chita. The task of education is to purify all these centres of energy and develop the inherent  potentialities. A sound and healthy system of education aims at the all-round development of  personality. BRAIIMRISHI MISSION SCHOOL seeks to achieve this ideal of education in  establishing residential/day boarding school. This centre of imparting education of body and soul both, aims at developing all the centres  of energy, through new techniques of education. In order to keep body healthy and stout, it is necessary to provide hygienic boarding and  lodging and also opportunities for appropriate physical exercises. In human body there are  various types of glands which secrete specific juices. The proper functioning of glands is  source of physical health. Any disproportion in the functioning of glands effects the body  organs adversely. The ancient Rishis discovered various exercises YOGIC ASANAS and  MUDRAS to regulate proper and balanced development of the body. Adequate arrangements for physical culture have been made in BRAHMRISHl MISSION SCHOOL.  The energy inherent in sense organs (PRANMAYA KOSHA) controlled, preserved and  properly channelized leads to mental efficiency. The 'ASANAS’ and different ‘MUDRAS‘  control the sense organs and the Rishis have also prescribed systematic breath control  {pranayam). In ancient times 'SURYA NAMASKAR’ and 'SANDHYA VANDANA etc. were in  vogue in Rishi Ashrams, and they were merely the exercise in 'ASANAS‘ and ‘Pranaya’. To  enhance the capacity for work through the control of senses. various types of ‘ Pranayam’  have been prescribed for all stages of growth, from the age of  7 years onwards, both for  boys and girls. Though practice of ‘ASANAS’ and TRANAYAM‘ is helpful in purifying and awakening of  ‘MANOM AYA KOSHA, (the mind) yet for its steady and complete development the  process  of meditation is necessary Fortunately enough there are experienced and dedicated teachers to impart education in this aspect of human development. Intellect i.e. VIGYAN MAYA  KOSHA is the root of all activities of life which shape the personality of human being.  Development of life infact means the development of intellect. for, it energizes the various  activities of life. So the main purpose of education is to awaken and develop the intellectual  faculties. and a healthy and sound body is pre-requisite for a sound mind. There are  provisions for an all round development of the intellect through studies, practice and training  guidance.
Philosophy Brahmrishi Mission School
The purpose of education  is to explore all what is  good in human personality  and annihilate all that is  bad. In human life there  are five centres of human  energy which are called  body, senses, mind,  intellect and soul. The task  of education is to purify all  these centres of energy  and develop the inherent  potentialities. A sound and  healthy system of  education aims at the all-  round development of  personality. 
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